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Cordless Backpack Vacuum Cleaner KD -5220

Combination with dual disc sander to keep ETCS particles from getting into the environment. Or matched with vacuum had rasp to avoide the foam dust flying. 
  • KD-5220



吸尘器 应用


Freedom with movement without the restriction of the cord. 

Flexible dust debris collection hose.

Freedom with move and Light weight .

Re-usable zippered nylon filter bags.

Disposable one-time use paper bags.

Powerful rechargeable lithium battery. 

 2 lithium batteries provide twice battery life. 

 Technical Data

Model : KD-5220 
Power consumption : 
Max. Air Flow :  28 l/s 
Capacity :  14L 
Size :  64×41×21.5cm
Max . Vacuum :  38mbar 
Weight  8.8kg

  Basic Kit

KD-5220 基础配置

Accessories  过滤袋

Paper Filter Bags (14L Capacity )   (Fig 1. )

For fine dust e.g. plaster , mineral wool and house dust .

Re -usable Zipperd Nylon Filter Bags (14L Capacity )  (Fig 2. )

For EIFS and ETICS with zip fastener to be emptied (reuable)  

KD-5210 配件2

Lamellar Filler  (Fig3. )

Additional Filter as power protection.


Dust  Debris Collection Hose  ( Fig 4. 

Spring type is flexible. 


吸尘刷配件 组合

Classic Combination Smooth Floor Brush (Fig 5.)

 Optional for personal use  

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